How To Calculate The Keyword Density Of A Webpage

Posted: September 7, 2010 in SEO
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You can determine your page’s keyword density using the following procedure:

  • View a webpage in your web browser.
  • Right click on your mouse and select “Select All” to highlight the text. Right click again and select “Copy” to copy the text to your clipboard.
  • Open your text or Word editor. Copy the text to the document.
  • Select the “Word Count” option (Most text editors have it). In Microsoft Word, the option is under “Tools > Word Count…”
  • Run a find and replace procedure by putting your keyword phrase in both the find and replace area. The select “Replace All.” In Microsoft Word, the option is under “Edit > Replace…”

The program will search for your keyword phrase entered in the “Find” input box and replace it with the keyword phrase in the “Replace” input box, which in our case will be the same. It will tell you how many times the keyword has been replaced.

  • Divide the keyword replaced count by the total number of words on your page to determine your page’s keyword density. For example, if your keyword replaced count is 3 and there are 100 words on the page, your keyword density ratio is 3 percent.

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