Posted: December 14, 2011 in SEO

What are Keywords?

Keywords are phrases which you want your website to be found under in search engines.. Keywords are typically two to five word phrases you expect people to search for to find your website. Often corporate climates force people to refer to things using special phrases. Keywords are not about what you call your stuff.
Keywords are what Joe average surfer (or your prospective site visitors) may type in a search box.

Focusing a Keyword:
When people tell you to target the word “free” they are out of their minds. The single word is too general and has too much competition. I just did a search on Yahoo! for “free” and it returned 749,000,000 results. That is over 10% of the web trying to use free as a sales pitch.  Single word keywords are usually not well targeted and hard to obtain. Longer keywords are easier to rank well for and typically have better conversion rates.

I am not saying that free should not be on your page, it is on most of mine. I am saying that keywords should define the product or idea. Free alone just does not get this done

Keyword Phrases:
If free isn’t a keyword, then what is? Keywords are typically two to five word phrases you expect people to search for to find your website. What would you expect people to type in the browser to find your site? If you were looking for your product, what would you type? What type of problems does your product or service solve? Those answers are likely good keyword phrases.

Keyword Length:
A longer search phrase is also associated with better targeting and increased consumer desire. Some people say shorter keyword searchers are shoppers and longer keyword searchers are buyers. As you add various copy to pages you are more likely to appear in search results similar to your keywords which do not exactly match your more general keywords. Most good keyword phrases are generally 2 to 5 words.


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