Simple ways to increase your website Traffic

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Blogger, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Pay Per click, SEO, Social Media, Uncategorized, Web Analytics

Simple ways to increase your website Traffic

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Start an SEO campaign to promote your website in the Organic search results of search engines. Find the current SEO Status of your site by creating a full Web SEO Analysis using the SEO audit tool like IBP, WebCEO, Link assistance, Analytics and Webmaster tools.
The structure and the content of your website is the key factor of your website performance in the search engines, so keep it clear, valid and user Search Engines friendly as well. Based on the analysis and report consider doing the following activities:

• Redesign your site in order to make it search engine, user and Mobile friendly
• Make a keyword analysis for your web pages and optimize them with proper keywords
• Build quality back links with the proper anchor text and submit the website in all the major search engines for indexing
• Remember that Search Engine Optimization equals quality content and not tricks, black hats or magic
• If you need a strategic plan don’t hesitate to search for a reliable consulting from a professional SEO agencies

2. Write about your site

Create a blog and communicate with other bloggers to write about your website, submit your news in forums and inform the users for products or services that might find interesting.

Also submitting Articles and Press releases is something worth doing

3. E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing can bring to your website traffic with minimal cost. Buy or download a free newsletter tool and send newsletters to your clients informing them about new services, products or special offers
Add a subscription form in your website in order to collect email addresses from the people those who are interested to receive your newsletters

Additionally you can setup an E-mail application and use E-mail signatures, which will increase the site traffic
Don’t buy mailing list from any third party, avoid spamming your users at all costs.

4. Social Media

Be part of the discussion around the globe using the social networks sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Pinterest, etc… Open an account or a page about your company in all Social Media websites. Build embassies in various social networks sites and get feedback of your online presence and increase your publicity in terms of awareness and website traffic. Social Bookmarking can bring lots of traffic to your website. Place in all of your pages a Javascript Bookmark button where user can bookmark your website. You should check the number of bookmarks that your pages receive.

5. Paid Traffic

Start a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on the important keywords of your website. You can use the services of Google (Google Adwords) or Microsoft’s Adcenter (Bing Ads). Also you can place ad banners in high traffic websites related to your business. Be extra careful with the bidding management in order to save money instead of losing. Ask an advice from an Digital marketing agency those who have rich experience.

6. Traditional Strategies

Print your website on your business cards and envelops. Promote your site by using the traditional media

Hope this will help for any Small Business services.


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