How To Track Gmail Opens in Google Analytics

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Blogger, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics

Insert the Analytics tracking image to your outgoing email message. When the recipient opens the message, the image file will download on their computer and the “visit” will be logged (video demo) in your Analytics. And since Google Analytics supports real-time reporting, you’ll see instant activity in the Analytics dashboard when an email is opened or read.

Find below Steps to Insert and track the Gmail opens in Google Analytics:

Login in to your Gmail account and compose a new email. You can also include attachments  in your email message. Once the email is ready, let it be in the  Drafts folder and do not hit the Send button, just save it.

Now open the Google spreedsheet and choose Initialize option under the Email Tracker menu. This is a one-time requirement as you’ll have to authorize the sheet to send your Gmail messages with the tracking code included.

Once the script is authorized, choose Email Tracker -> Send Mail, select your Gmail draft from the drop-down, enter your Google Analytics Profile ID (Ex. UA-00000000-1) and click the Send button now. Your email will now get delivered to the recipients.

When the recipient opens your email message, the event will be logged in your Google Analytics account

Now open your Google Analytics & choose Events under the Standard Reports groupyou can find the  new events with the category Email Open as people open your email messages. Just  click on the category to see the email address of the recipients who have seen your email massageand also the subject line of the message that they have just read.


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