Improve website traffic by using ShareThis button

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Blogger, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Analytics

The role of social media in driving up traffic to websites is vital. The latest internet traffic analysis says that the percentage of traffic from social media is around 33% when compared to traffic from search. So if the number of unique visitors per month to a site is 100,000, the number they are getting from social networks is 33,000.

So the importance of social media in increasing your website traffic dramatically and the role it can play in increasing your business is clear.

To benefit from social media, you first need to improve the level of your social engagement. This can be done by actively participating on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Second you should allow users of your website to share the content of your website with their friends across different social networks, communities and affiliates groups.

The number of social networking websites through which people share information runs into the hundreds. That shows how complex the integration process will be if you want to integrate all the social networks into you site, and let users share content on their favorite social network. The job will be big, time-consuming and will cost a lot of money. So what option is available which covers all the popular social networks and is easy to integrate and costs nothing? The answer to this question is ShareThis button.

ShareThis is simple, easy to implement and the best part is it does not cost a thing. It allows sharing on your website through email, Facebook, Twitter, and over 40 other social services. The number of users who share your websites content depends on how good the sharing integration is done. If done properly it will increase socially-referred traffic as well as engagement.

ShareThis will show up on your page in the form of a simple button or link. The user will have to click on it to send content to social applications like, Digg, and Facebook.

ShareThis provides support for an additional JavaScript API that will help developers have more control over content being shared. It provides the developer with programmatic control of the display options and it also provides support for a function based interface. These are for advanced use like when you plan to:

– Share something that is not limited to a single web page like video, image etc.
– Make changes to the object properties
– Share multiple objects using a single web page.



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