RIA development using Ajax

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Blogger, Technology, Web Development

AJAX has both developed and got a firm hold in the development of dynamic web applications. These web applications will reflect changes in micro seconds and thus, saving reloading time. They will provide improved usability as well as faster accessibility. This means that it will take people less time to see more web pages. AJAX is the short form for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. This term is whispered from nearly every software developer mind. The waves made by AJAX are touching network boundaries.

It is a challenge to select JavaScript/AJAX based RIA products. The problem is dealing with JavaScript. No wonder the skills and funds that are at Google’s disposal were needed to develop “killer” applications. Internet giants such as Amazon and Ebay are not using the potential of JavaScript/AJAX to their advantage. This is despite the fact that AJAX was developed years ago and has the potential to improve their websites substantially.

A breakthrough has been provided in web application development by AJAX Applications Development. AJAX is the technology that is used to shift web pages from static HTML pages to advanced dynamic pages which has JavaScript and is CSS enabled. It can be used to quickly create interactive cross-platform web experiences and thus, it is called a free framework. AJAX has not only altered the look and feel of web, but it has also solved the major problem that web applications faced -reloading.

You can also easily change your website from being a static page to a dynamic page. This means, you can easily transform the looks of your website. AJAX has completely solved the problem of reloading the site.

Advantages of using AJAX in making powerful web based applications:

  • You can validate both server side and form code in real time
  • Automatic completion of the different fields in the form is possible
  • Easy content mix.

Being a cross-platform technique AJAX can be used on various operating systems as well as web application that are based on DOM and JavaScript. AJAX is a powerful web application technique that uses client-side scripting in order to swap data with the web server.

An Ajax application removes the start-stop-start-stop nature of Web interaction by introducing an intermediary called as an Ajax engine. This engine exists between the server and the user. Though adding an extra layer to the web application would seem to increase the response time, in reality it is the opposite that is true.


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