How to hire an SEO Expert in India

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Blogger, Digital Marketing, SEO, Uncategorized
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Here are the top questions they recommend you ask the SEO experts in India first:

Do You Care About Content?

Just building the irrelevant links in content is not okay. Just ask the company if they are putting links 1st or they care about the content. Because high quality created content only will work for long term.

What Do You Think of Google’s SEO Initiative?

Google has recently launched a new update in the link building that buying links from other sites will is not acceptable any more. Also they will penalize the company that’s pay for links and are overly optimized. Only writing quality content will bring traffic to the website and increase the page rank. Also Google will penalize the publisher that does not disclose the sponsored content with Google News.

 What’s the Fastest Way to Generate Links?

There is no such a way to build links faster. Only those who know a real SEO vendor will tell you the truth that there is no way to build links faster. Others will be telling that it’s easier and we can build faster using some tools and Manual submission. Listen the real vendor’s logic and make sure its solid.

What Do You Consider Quality Content?

Be sure on what kind links you are getting. Right now all search engines are rewarding companies those who are creating quality content coming from them. Also all the other old link building techies are gone away, and the search engines want to reward only the trusted sources for information. Now a days all search engines want to show their user what they are searching in the web.

Do You Sell Link-Building Services?

Presently there are no such services in the market. If your vendor still serves linking building as a service, if you choose them, then you might have out of business very fast as well.

Do You Know Any Quick Fixes?

Always content is king for SEO, if you publish any quality content and share the same in the social media, probably there is more chance to pick that content by other and they will publish by adding the links back, which will work in SEO.

What Is Your Client Retention Rate?

This is one of the major factors while hiring the SEO expert. Client retention rate will give you the indication of a SEO expert legitimacy.

Will You Go After Influential Websites in My Industry?

All search engines will ensure their algorithm that, all SEO is done by white hat strategies implemented by the SEO experts. If the links look like unnatural or irrelevant links then you will be penalized, it will set you back. The SEO expert should build all links as relevant and natural links to your website. Just ask the SEO expert how they are building links and what kind of strategies they are following to build the relevant links

How Do You Measure Your Success?

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. Site optimization will take time and precision. First you need to know what they are doing and why they are doing, for this only you are paying for them. Also make sure that you’re more comfortable with the relationship with the SEO experts.

What Are Your Tactics?

The best way to get potential SEO experts in India is to first educate yourself about SEO and to know the latest algorithm updates and the difference between Black and White hats SEO.


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