E-commerce and M-commerce are playing a major roll now days in Retail. Most of the people are very busy in their work schedule and they have very less time to spend for a retail shopping. E-commerce websites making people very comfort to shop even though they are in home, office or while traveling, etc… Apart from this online shopping sites also started offering great discounts on their products like retailers.

There are thousands of e-commerce site are available in the market, but how to choose best e-commerce development company? It’s little critical to choose, because from small level to big level companies are offers e-commerce development as separate service.

Here Search engine optimization and search engine marketing plays major roles, those who optimize their websites are ranking in the first, So most of the user think that the first page results are the best results.

How to choose? Here are some tips to choose the best companies. First have a look at the portfolio, and see how they have design the websites in past, and who are their clients, what kind of testimonial

Second, what kind of technology they are specialist, like opensoure, Magneto, NetSuite, etc… how many years of experience they have and see do they have any case studies or any kind of partnership

Third, see the portfolio of top level management teams and their work experience from the social media website; this will give you a good knowledge on their background.

The last one is cost, do they offering the development service at affordable cost or more expensive, analysis the current market rate

  1. daniel says:

    nice post ,thereare many companies in India,choose only who give the best ecommerce services..


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