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E-commerce and M-commerce are playing a major roll now days in Retail. Most of the people are very busy in their work schedule and they have very less time to spend for a retail shopping. E-commerce websites making people very comfort to shop even though they are in home, office or while traveling, etc… Apart from this online shopping sites also started offering great discounts on their products like retailers. (more…)


AJAX has both developed and got a firm hold in the development of dynamic web applications. These web applications will reflect changes in micro seconds and thus, saving reloading time. They will provide improved usability as well as faster accessibility. This means that it will take people less time to see more web pages. AJAX is the short form for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. This term is whispered from nearly every software developer mind. The waves made by AJAX are touching network boundaries. (more…)

For any business to succeed convenience and accessibility are needed. Today’s consumers are not willing to wait and prefer to have everything immediately. They also want them at their fingertips. The iphone, which is enormously popular, does precisely that. This is possible due to its er d es you ve e tionsits seemingly endless options. (more…)

In IT services the latest buzzword is “Cloud Computing”. It has key decision makers thinking about whether to adopt cloud computing services to meet their organizational needs. If you are one of these key decision makers, then you have come to the right place. We can help you decide whether or not your decision to adopt cloud computing is worth the cost and efforts involved. (more…)