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Latest Trends in SEO

Posted: October 5, 2013 in SEO
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Till recently search engine optimization (SEO) was limited to choosing the best keywords according to your target market, organizing the structure of your site to suit different search engines, and getting good quality websites to provide links. These are still important but nowadays you have to also consider a whole new bunch of parameters. Search engines have made some changes in what they are looking for. This means you have to pay attention to the quality of content, experience of users who visited your site, and amount of integration between you site and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Umbrella terms such as internet marketing and search engine marketing are often used. This suggests that doing SEO will no longer be enough.

That does not mean that SEO has lost some of its importance. The percentage of internet users who make use of search engines daily is 49% and the percentage of high street purchases that started with an internet search is an amazing 80%. So what’s changed in SEO and what are the things that we must do differently?

1. Good quality content
The central thing for SEO now is a well-written content and it is vital if you wish to improve the visibility of your site. Basically you have to write content that is both interesting and engaging. This content has to make the users stay on your site as well as link back to it. You have to write good content for your website and your social media articles have to be of the same quality. The main thing is to insert your top keywords into the content such that it sounds natural and keeps the reader engaged. Maintaining a blog will help you keep the content on your website fresh and that will help improve your ranking in search engines. Ideally the blog should be a part of your website, however, for your business you can easily set up a blog at Blogger or

2. On-page SEO: keywords and site structure
You still have to find and use the words that your customers type into search engines in order to find your services. Https:// is one site where you can research your keywords without paying any money. After researching you should make a list of keywords which you find are most effective for your business. Nowadays you should have the skill to incorporate these keywords effortlessly into the content of your site. Placing the keyword in three or four places in normal content is fine as long as it on the relevant page. However, getting the keywords into meta-tags such as the title of your site, the URL of your page, the headings, and sub-headings as well as in the file names of images is something you should aim to do. Structure of the site is also important. You should aim for both good navigation and usability. Follow a hierarchical structure. Under the home page you should have the main category pages and under each of the main category pages you should have sub-category pages.

3. Link building:
The new SEO lays stress on building links through natural and organic ways. You should avoid using out-of-date techniques such as buying low quality links and exchanging them. You can, however, submit your website to high-quality internet directories. This direct link-building method is still effective and it will help your website get noticed quickly by the search engines.

4. Social media
By now you will know that to promote your business you should have at least one or more social media accounts, but you may be less aware of how important social media has become to SEO. Both Google and Bing have explicitly stated recently that the links shared through Facebook and Twitter will have a direct impact on your site’s ranking with these search engines. These search engines will find your social media page and if more of your posts and tweets are shared the better ranking you might have with the search engines.

5. Local SEO
In case majority of your customers live in the same area as you do, you should go for local SEO. This technique will put your website among the top links on results page for searches done by local people.