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The needs of different businesses are different and it takes a variety of web applications to fulfill them. Businesses can benefit from the flexibility offered by these custom software applications. They can also help businesses to compete on the Internet. Strategic planning is the first step towards developing a custom software application. Developing a scalable web application can enable businesses to make quick changes in the future with ease. (more…)


Cleaner code

Before the arrival of HTML5 programmers used to write a million or so different <div> tags to mark-up a webpage and each of these tags had their own descriptive id name or class. The problem was solved when HTML5 introduced new elements to represent these different sections like article, header, section, footer, and asides. This meant that web designers using HTML5 can now write cleaner and more meaningful code. (more…)


Programmers can use Joomla, a free open source CMS (Content Management System), to create low-cost websites along with other online applications. Joomla technology framework enables companies to publish their content, on both the intranet and the net without having to pay any registration fee. Websites developed using Joomla are well placed and properly indexed in search engine so that they attract better visibility along with traffic. It is easy to customize a website that has been designed using Joomla framework within an affordable budget. Responses come in fast for these websites and end users can reach them without much hassle. (more…)

The Internet has broken the boundaries in our modern world. Nowadays, you can find companies of all sizes having customers in all parts of the world. A never-ending array of information is provided to an international audience by business houses both big and Small, groups as well as non-profit organizations. You can see that the possibilities are endless, but it needs an efficient and effective web design. The art of presenting content to the end user using the World Wide Web is called web design. By using an efficient web design, you can bring in enquires that will help generate sales and thereby add assets to your business. (more…)

The answer to this question is simple. To present information in such a manner that majority of the people can understand it quickly and easily.

Representing project requirements along with other related information in a clear and effective manner has played a vital role in software development. It is also needed for the successful delivery of the project. Structural description of the system along with the description of the terminology and the navigation methods used in a graphical manner that is very much understandable all form a part of wireframing. It involves following activities: (more…)